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Eurolining is a type of sheathing material made according to European standards, characterized by standard dimensions: with a width of 88/96 mm (working and overall width, respectively), the thickness is 12.5 mm, with a length of 4 meters. Eurolining is one of the most economical finishing materials, perfect for both interior and exterior decoration.

Our company produces the following types of eurovagonka: "AB", "C". The division into grades occurs at the stage of sorting already finished products. The criteria for sorting are wood defects and defects that have appeared in the production process. The basis for assigning a product to a particular grade is the sorting standards.

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Wall panels

Wall panels is a wooden profiled panels used for wall cladding both on the outside and on the inside, visually resembling timber.


The flooring is a solid board made of solid wood with a spike-groove along the entire length of the board. The floor covering made of spruce and pine, is considered a traditional material that is used for flooring in residential, office and other areas. You can buy a floor board in Syktyvkar in our company SevLesPil - fill out the form below or place an order.



Planed board